refer helps broadcasters, journalists, archives and companies to combine traditional image, audio and video data automatically. It facilitates online access and search, using creative visualization techniques and innovative navigation.

Online content is intelligently analyzed and automatically linked contextually using semantic technologies. One can, for example, even find content that was not commented in writing and therefore remained hidden so far.

refer provides an intelligent recommendation system for users and editors, which facilitates orientation and exploratory experiences of the content throughout the research. It is also possible to adjust the display of the results, as for example, the visualization of time-based search results in the form of a timeline.

refer is available online at


October 22nd, 2014
Project presentation in Rival del Garda, Italy, at the
13th International Semantic Web Conference 2014

September 3rd, 2014
Project presentation in Leizig
At the 2nd DBpedia Community Meeting 2014

Project management

Tabea Tietz, University of Potsdam
Tabea Tietz studied economics and sociology at the University of Potsdam. She has been working as a student assistant at the Hasso Plattner Institute for Software Systems Engineering (HPI) since 2010, researching semantic web technologies. Meanwhile her interest in online video, social media and blogs emerged. She developed the yovisto video blog in collaboration with the yovisto GmbH. On this platform she has been posting articles on scientific historical themes regularly since 2012.


Jörg Waitelonis, yovisto GmbH
Jörg Waitelonis is computer scientist and expert on semantic multimedia technologies. He is a research associate at HPI, researching semantic web technologies. Jörg is one of the founders of yovisto GmbH. They pursue the development and commercial exploitation of semantic multimedia technologies. These include: video and image analysis methods, semantic analysis technologies, and search and recommendation technologies with tailored user interfaces.

Christian Hentschel, yovisto GmbH
Christian Hentschel holds a master’s degree in computational visualistics and works as a research associate at HPI, researching semantic web technologies. He is a specialist in machine learning and automatic image and video classification. He is currently developing new algorithms for automatic indexing of video content. Christian Hentschel is co-founder of the yovisto GmbH.

Joscha Jäger, filmicweb
Joscha Jäger studied design, art and media with focus on interface design at the Merz Academy in Stuttgart. He currently works there as a research associate. He designs and develops user interfaces with focus on semantic video search, time-based interaction and web-based hypervideo environments. Joscha is founder of filmicweb.

Innovation funding for students and startups
Project duration: twelve months