Holodeck Now!

Holodeck Now! is an experimental setup consisting of a stage, 3D cameras, virtual reality glasses and a digital software interface. This setup allows the user to move freely in the virtual space. First people and objects are being filmed from all angles, which then are digitally integrated into the virtual scene.

This means: if the user moves in real space, he moves in the virtual space accordingly, observing the movements and changes right through the virtual reality glasses. Several Microsoft Kinect cameras constantly determine his position in real space. Microsoft kindly supports the project.


Project Management

Nico Nonne studied computer science at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. His work focuses on the intersection of film, games and VR. Together with Sven Haeberlein he founded the Trotzkind GmbH in Berlin.

Sven Haeberlein studied time-based media at the FH Mainz and has gained many years of experience in the film industry.

Innovation funding for students and startups
Project duration: nine months